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‘In current philosophy of mind is that ‘all mental phenomena are to be accommodated within the framework of nature as it is understood by the natural sciences’ (Horst, S., 2009, quoted in Letheby, 2021, p.34).

Let me begin saying that I am thoroughly enjoying the book so far and intend…

XI. The Beauty of Liberation and the Cultivation of Charity in the Soul

Nestor, Morales (2018). Medellin, Colmbia. Published on March 8, 2018. (Retrieved 25 June 2021).

“I must go. I must enter the service of the poor and imprisoned. I must lose my soul if I am to regain it, for so long as I hold onto it, I shall lose it.” (Balthasar…

Marzal de Sas, Alterpiece of St. George, London, Victoria and Alber Museum. Taken on April 14, 2016:

The two images that I selected for my meditations on how one should be trained and formed as an act of beholding were the Marzal de Sas, Altarpiece of St. George, and the Blessed Sacrament Altarpiece, Leuven, Church of St. Peter. Both images are ‘Windows to Heaven.’ That is, both…

Blog VI | Beauty in Stone

1. Miltiadis Fragkidis, Sultan ahmet, aya sophia, ayasofya meydanı, fatih/Istanbul, Turkey, Published on January 3, 2021.

Is God sustaining and giving life to all of creation? If God is ontologically distinct from creation, is creation divine by its participation in God? Questions like these may seem needlessly abstract and unimportant to many of us in the world. Nevertheless, St Paul…

Isaiah Jones

My name is Isaiah Jones. And I currently live in Utah, with my wife and three kids.. I am currently working on my graduate degree in theology from ND.

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